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In 61 AD, Emperor Ming of the Han dynasty had a terrifying dream but he had no Daniel at his court to correctly interpret the nightmare. His advisor, Fu-yih, told him that the monstrous figure that fell from heaven was the Indian deity named Buddha. As a result, the Emperor sent a delegation of 18 men to India to seek further information about Buddha. Emperor Ming's capital was in Luoyang, Henan Province.

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Prompted by his strange experience, the Emperor Ming sent a delegation to seek further information about his deity. The deputation consisted of eighteen men, who left the capital, Luoyang the present Honanfu , in the year 63 A. They finally reached Khotan, and from there travelled down to that part of north-east India which had shortly before been conquered by the "White Huns. The delegation returned to China with 2 Buddhist monks, and 2 white horses, loaded down with Buddhist images, relics and "scriptures:".

The place was a treasury of Buddhist relics and literature. The deputation succeeded in getting possession of a part of that treasure. Taking with them two Buddhist scholars priests , they proceeded on the homeward journey. About the year A. The relics and sacred writing had been loaded on white horses, and, for that reason, the first temple that was built at Luoyang received the name of Pai-ma SSu, the "White Horse Temple," a temple name adopted later all over China.


Reich, Truth and Tradition in Chinese Buddhism , pp. That was the official beginning of Buddhism in China when the religion of the fallen angel Lucifer entered the country. Left statue of the white horse that brought Buddhism to China. The 2 white horses represent the 2 unfortunate beasts that were forced to carry Buddhist images, relics, and "scriptures" from India to China. The temple is revered in "Communist" China as the birthplace of Buddhism. Right statue of the white horse that brought Buddhism to China. If the 2 horses could talk like Balaam's ass, they would have rebuked the Buddhist monks for their folly and madness.

To honor the horses that brought Buddhism to China, Buddhist men began to wear their hair long queue at the back like a horse's tail. Never from that time onward was China free from the ravages of the infamous 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Another amazing similarity between the 2 religions is the fact that they both achieved temporal or political power around the same time. From , she reigned as Dowager Empress behind the scenes. A veritable Jezebel on steroids, Wicked Wu set up a Chinese version of the Inquisition, and she made Buddhism the state religion. From the very beginning of her infamous career of murder and mayhem, she was sponsored by the Buddhist hierarchy.

She built thousands of Buddhist monasteries, and one of her most spectacular structures was the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, rebuilt in That pagoda still stands as a monument to the deadly grip that Buddhism has maintained on the country to this present day. Pagoda's are the Catholic equivalent of church steeples and both symbolize Nimrod's Tower of Babylon. As Emperor, Wu Zetain changed many words in the Chinese language, and she also tried unsuccessfully to change the calendar by moving the Chinese New Year to the winter solstice.

This was done to make the new year begin at the birthday of Buddha December 25 :.

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On the winter solstice in , from her Bright Hall complex, Wu Zhao promulgated an edict in which she announced that the state would discard the Tang calendar and begin to follow a new calendar based on the Zhao dynasty of antiquity. The winter solstice marked the end of the old cycle and the beginning of the new, of lengthening days, of coming spring.

The calendar was reset so that the winter solstice marked the first day of the first month of the first year of a new era which she called Origin of Records, a name which clearly connotes the fresh beginning of time, of history, as though Wu Zhao was the first ruler, the only ruler, of a dawning new era.

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The issuance of a new calendar was a means by which a ruler made himself or herself master over time, and molded the ritual and ceremonial pattern of state in his own image. The Papal States were originally ruled from Constantinople by the viceroy of the Emperor called the exarch of Ravenna. Peter" had sent him an airmail letter from heaven calling on him to defend Rome and expel the Lombards.

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The temporal power of the Papal Pontiffs began in with the infamous airmail letter from "St. The most infamous pious fraud in history was the airmail letter from "St. Peter" delivered to King Pepin commanding him to save Rome from the Lombards. From onward, the Popes ruled over the Papal States as kings. Most of the Popes who ruled from Rome were monks or "nephews" of monks. Additionally, Daniel the Prophet mentioned a period of years as the duration of the Pope's temporal power.

That temporal power expired in The Holy Bible says that "the leopard cannot change its spots" and Satan's stranglehold on China has never yet been broken. The Evil One does not let his captives go without a tremendous struggle. There are also many similarities between Communism and Buddhism.

Mao Zedong — Dictator from until Zhou Enlai — Premier from to While officially telling the world that his regime was based on atheistic Marxism-Leninism, Mao never missed an opportunity to advance Buddhism in China. Both "Communists" were intimately involved in the construction of the Tooth Relic Pagoda and of course they paid their respects to Buddha's tooth.

The Tooth Relic Pagoda was completed in Incredibly, in , plans were made to build a huge pagoda to house the Tooth Relic of Buddha. The pagoda is located at the Temple of Divine Light in Beijing. After the temple was completed, Buddha's tooth was placed in a reliquary so that the "Communists" could come and worship it. Buddha's tooth is preserved in a small gold pagoda in the middle of the hall. Under the tight censorship of the "Communist" regime, not a word leaked out to the Western world:.

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A phenomenon that has no parallel, as far as I know, in other Communist countries was the construction of buildings — not minor buildings incidental to a restoration project but entirely new structures created to house relics and commemorate eminent monks. The outstanding example was the Buddha Tooth Pagoda outside Peking. Standing 50 meters high, its gleaming roof tiled in green, its finial covered with gold leaf, it looked like such a perfect example of traditional Chinese architecture that it was hard to believe that it dated from Perhaps because it may someday be embarrassing for a Communist regime to explain why it had created "a new holy place," complete with altars, images, and guardian gods, the initiative for its construction was said to have come from the Chinese Buddhist Association, which supervised the work of a pagoda-construction committee of architects, artists and sculptors.

Welch, Buddhism Under Ma o, p. Formally named Pagoda of the Tooth Relic of Buddha, it is the only great pagoda for the preservation of Buddhist relics built after Sponsored by Buddhist circles in China, the pagoda was constructed at the Temple of Divine Light, second of the eight great sites in the Western Hills to enshrine a relic tooth of Sakyamuni preserved in China for more than fifteen hundred years. Staff members carrying Buddha's Tooth at Beijing Airport.

To Buddhists, they are as sacred as pieces of the "true cross" to Catholics. Italian worshippers of the Madonna carrying her image through the streets of Calabria, Italy. The crowd numbered about 65,, said Megan Sheekey, a Parks Department spokeswoman. People were lining up at least four hours before the noon event. Some who had tried to camp out the night before were told to leave by the Dalai Lama's security officials.

About 40, were estimated to have attended the Dalai Lama's last appearance in Central Park, in , according to the police. He made his first appearance in the park in , at a meditation session that drew about 5, people. The numbers make him one of the park's biggest nonentertainment draws, in a category with the Rev. Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II, although those religious leaders have attracted far more people to their park events.

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Yesterday, the Dalai Lama spoke mainly in English, which is not his custom when he conducts more structured teaching and relies on an interpreter. His accent and the echoing sound system made it difficult to understand him at the farther reaches of the crowd, but people listened intently nevertheless. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Movers List.

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