Manual Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience

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What are the best fasting books?

Just as there are different reasons for fasting, there are several definitions. All the great spiritual traditions recognize its merits. After engaging in a number of spiritual practices, I found water-only fasting to be the most beneficial, partially because it can reduce thoughts that are associated with melancholy and increase feelings of well-being.

Fasting does this through several mechanisms.

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First, fasting changes brain chemistry, producing an antidepressant effect. Additionally, fasting can relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of medical problems, thus enhancing a feeling of wellness. Furthermore, fasting initiates a change in consciousness, providing exceptional human experiences. Through these various means, fasting has the potential to alter the perception of the participant.

Frances Vaughan suggested that fasting is a useful clinical intervention in transpersonal psychotherapy. In psychology, fasting is a versatile clinical intervention because it can be used briefly or for longer periods in a supervised setting. Additionally, it can be used therapeutically in conjunction with other therapies.

Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience

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