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Other hobbies include sewing, antiquing, and gardening. Must be 18 to enter and win. Open internationally. It is a standalone story, although there will be more books. Add on Goodreads. Life on an offshore oil rig is grueling hard work. For Nika the hard work, isolation and discipline is ideal.

On the eve of flying back to the mainland for a two week break, disaster strikes, and Nika is thrown into darkness. When he awakes in a strange world, with no memory of his past, he finds himself in the presence of monks, who offer to help, on one condition.

Nika must deliver an urgent message to the king, and in return, the mysterious monks will help him recall his memories and find a way home.

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Instead, Nika is sent on a long journey with his new friend Freyne, and the spoilt Princess Iryna, to fulfill a prophecy that will restore balance to the world. The sound of a gunshot pierced the night, followed by a loud scream. Nika cowered in the linen closet, trying not to make any noise. He could see shadows flickering in the light under the door, and could hear yelling.

He heard some heavy footsteps rush past the closet, followed by the sound of his bedroom door being forced open. He opened the closet door a crack, and could see the bad men in his bedroom, looking for him. Nika dashed from the closet and ran past his mother as fast as his little legs could carry him.

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She sat slumped over the coffee table; white powder and needles were scattered amongst empty beer cans. Blood was oozing from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Ebooks and Manuals

Nika could hear the bad men shouting behind him. He pulled open the kitchen door and ran into the darkness, and found a place to hide. There was more yelling, then the house went quiet. Nika watched as the bad men ran from the house, climbed into a car and sped off down the street. Thick black smoke started billowing from the house, and he felt the panic rising from his belly and into his chest.

Nika heard the shatter of glass, and looked to see flames erupting from his bedroom window. He watched with dismay; although he had very few toys and possessions, they were all he had. His eyes swept back to the door, as his mother staggered from the burning house and into the driveway. Nika took another nervous look around, before leaving his hiding place, and ran back towards her. She sank to her knees, and Nika watched as she fell to the ground. Her skin was turning blue, and she started convulsing on the ground.

He knew that if his father came home at any time, Nika would be blamed and beaten half to death. He could hear sirens in the distance, and soon a convoy of emergency vehicles sped up the road, coming to a stop at the burning house. He felt no love towards his parents; his father constantly beat him, and his mother never made him stop. A lady in a uniform drew Nika away and wrapped him in a blanket, as firemen started to spray water on the house.


He was confused and terrified. He tried not to cry, but the tears fell. The lady put out her arm, and Nika cowered, expecting to be beaten for crying like a girl. Is that alright with you? Nika nodded, and followed the nice ambulance lady. He took one last look at his mother, and could see policemen rolling out blue and white checkered tape around the house. The fire was almost out, and a man in a suit was walking towards her with a camera and toolbox. She lay on the ground, not moving.

Her limbs had spasmed into unnatural angles, and her face was blue, her eyes wide open with a terrifying expression etched into her gaunt face. Nika felt the image burn into his brain, and knew he would never forget that sight for as long as he lived. Amy-Alex Campbell has been an avid reader and writer from a very young age.

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At just nine years old, she was writing short stories and poetry at a high standard. At the age of 17, she began world building and writing Death of Thy World. However, after writing a captivating prologue and first chapter, she felt that the story was going to be like any other novel — hero gets the princess and lives happily ever after.

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Amy-Alex is anything but cliche, and shelved the project. Seventeen years later, in April , she revisited the work after reading a meme on social media that reignited her muse. Amy-Alex picked up the proverbial pen, and started writing. On July 20, The Lowest Realm was completed. With new plot lines and title, the book received positive reviews from beta readers. The Lowest Realm will be launched on November 9, Follow the tour and check out the other blog posts and reviews here. Hosted by Gay Book Promotions.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5. A delightfully humorous, yet poignant, story about two young men who have a chance meeting late one night when one spots the other removing a coil from an old refrigerator someone has trashed. Robin Christopher cruel parents picked that name! Refrigerator Guy turns out to be Archie Levine, an avid steampunker and new father.

Will they find their way back to each other? You know it! MM romance readers who love steampunk should certainly enjoy this story, as would those who simply enjoy a sweet romance between two engaging characters. The cover by LC Chase features two men: one in steampunk attire, one in a 21 st century T-shirt. They are looking at each other in apparent shock—mouths open in surprise. This is told in the first person POV of Kyle, a year-old construction worker and part-time student.

This is meant to be a standard, realistic man meets man romance without cliches, except he falls in love a gay porn star, Lucas, better known to fans as Tommy.

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Kyle tells the story looking back on how they met, the way people tell something when others ask them at a dinner party, through the lens of entertainment and nostalgia that turns into first person flashbacks so the author can add in all the world-building details for the reader to picture. Their meet cute is almost ruined by a misunderstanding, but Lucas persists. These characters come alive and feel real. Kyle and Lucas suffer from the same insecurities many of us do. It can be difficult to integrate two lives together with work, family, friends, schedules, belongings, hobbies, etc.

I have met plenty of people who chose porn as a career. I think this was mostly realistic, if romanticized and less jaded. At one point Kyle thinks he knows why Lucas does porn and thinks he can fix him. The sex scenes between Kyle and Lucas are not just smoking hot, but intimate. Top, bottom, dominant, submissive, Daddy, vers—these are all just words but Lucas and Kyle make them real by roleplaying and having fun. The difference between the porn scenes and the real sex is very clear.

If I crashed, my scars would tell our story. If you support choice and want a story where sex workers are positively depicted with heartwarming, real characters, give this a chance. The cover art is by Cherith Vaughan and shows a romantic scene from one of their dates. Ebooks and Manuals

With only four months to go, he gathers his courage and enrolls in a night class for adults. I really enjoyed this story. All Charlie really needed was someone to love him unconditionally and not judge him which is seems most have done for him. I liked how they connected so easily and the how laid back their time was together. The cover art by Written Ink Designs is nice and works well for the story.

Counter Culture by J. Little does he know that Robin works for that same store. Available now from Riptide Publishing! JL Merrow is that rare beast, an English person who refuses to drink tea. She read Natural Sciences at Cambridge, where she learned many things, chief amongst which was that she never wanted to see the inside of a lab ever again. She writes mostly contemporary gay romance and mysteries, and is frequently accused of humour. Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on November 9, Contest is NOT restricted to U.

I like knowing stuff. I like details and fun facts, and, well, I am a bit of a control freak. I have to have things sorted. Filed away for future reference. No, really. To make it tuppence coloured, rather than just penny plain. The trick is to know what to put in only just enough and what to leave out probably most if it, but I had fun researching.