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I ordered the Asia Carrera flick, stripped down to nothing, and sat against the headboard of the bed — totally naked, a beer in one hand and Big John in the other — life could be worse! Compilations don't waste time on plot or dialog, so Asia was soon sucking down a dude's cock that looked to be about ten inches long. I'm not going to lie about my size — I'm pretty average — so this guy looked to me like he had a salami hanging there.

I started massaging my balls as I watched Asia give a great blowjob — first slowly licking around the head of his dick, then licking up and down the shaft. She would abandon his penis every few minutes to run her cute and ample tits up and down his chest. Once she paused to pour some lotion on her tits so it was nice and slippery. You could tell the guy was dying to be in her mouth, but she kept teasing him with the licking, and then by sucking his balls into her mouth.

Man, I could have exploded just thinking about how good that must have felt. By now my tool was at full attention, but I teased myself by not touching my dick, just massaging my nuts. When Asia finally opened her mouth and went down over the head of his cock, I started lightly rubbing the underside of my shaft.

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By now a bead of precum was coming out of my dick. Asia then started doing to this guy what I think is the best of all. Not the vacuum-cleaner suction that some women think feels good — it's a penis, not a cleaning tool! No, the slow, torturous, up-and-down of a woman's lips on my shaft, that's what feels good.

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Asia wasn't sucking, she just slowly moved her head up and down the guy's dick, occasionally taking her mouth off and licking at the head, or sometimes sucking on one of his balls. Just like the guy getting the blowjob from Asia, I was getting pretty damned excited. I finally wrapped my hand around my dick and started pumping. Slowly, not too tightly, but all the way up and down, while my other hand massaged my balls.

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I was trying to drag this out as long as I could, but I was getting close to cumming, and it wasn't fifteen minutes into the movie that cost twenty bucks! I would like to say that I outlasted the guy on the screen — hell, it was just me and my hand, and he had this gorgeous babe sucking on his knob! But, I was getting close when the camera panned down between Asia's long, dark legs, and focused on her hand massaging her own goodies.

Man, oh man! Nothing hotter than a woman doing herself, and seeing her slowly stroke her own slit sent me right over the edge. In a few seconds I was squirting guy goo all over, on my hand, my chest and the comforter. I'm old enough at 50 that I can't hit the ceiling anymore ok, I only came close even as a teenager , but it was a helluva good orgasm. Just after Big John finished making me feel good, the guy on the screen let loose.

I hate this modern-day crap where, as a guy gets close to cumming, he jumps up and beats himself off onto the woman. That ain't real life — if a babe wants to make a lollipop out of Big John, I expect her to enjoy it to the creamy center! Fortunately, in this flick Asia just kept her head bobbing, and as he came she just let it run out the sides of her mouth. After another fifteen seconds or so, she pulls her head back and gives him this beautiful smile with cum dripping down her chin. Very, very nice!

I turned off the TV and cleaned up my mess with the top sheet. After a long day and a satisfying orgasm, I turned out the light and fell fast asleep. A quick trip to the bathroom did nothing to put my best friend at ease. So I just laid back down, started the porn flick again, figuring I had plenty of time for a repeat performance.

I won't bore you with all the details, other than this time Asia and some blond chick were going at it: Asia was on the edge of a couch, legs sprawled, and the blond was kneeling on the floor lapping away at Asia's twat. The blond had large, obviously fake tits, which is not a turn on for me, but watching her tongue move up and down Asia's cute little manicured cunt was. Asia was massaging her own breasts, pulling on and licking her nipples, and obviously enjoying herself.

The blond was slowly licking up and down the full length of Asia's slit, stopping every few strokes to wiggle her tongue left and right across Asia's love button. I was pretty much doing the same as last night, stroking my cock slowly, massaging my balls with my other hand, and letting the tension build. Two girls together is something most guys like, but it's more difficult for me to imagine I'm in the picture when there are two women going at it.

Nonetheless, I was getting plenty of pleasure out of stroking my dick while watching some serious carpet munching. Within about ten minutes, I was getting quite excited, and then the girls switched positions: Asia on her knees licking some blond pussy. A few minutes of this, and, again, the camera swung around behind Asia, and zoomed in on her frigging herself. She would run a finger up and down her slit, then slip it in, then pull it out and repeat, and it sure looked plenty wet to me!

Only a few seconds of this and I was cumming again, making a mess on the sheets.

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What a great way to start the day! I got up, did my morning ablutions, and headed off to the trade show. I made some connections with a couple of companies that could help automate some of our operations, and tried a variety of new vending food products. I learned years ago to go easy on the food samples — as good as it sounds to have a nearly-unlimited supply of candies, chocolates, dessert cakes, and so on, if you eat everything they offer you, you will be sick by noon.

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So I was picky about what I ate, called a couple of beef stick samples my lunch, and stayed on the floor for a solid eight hours, covering about half the show. Must have visited nearly two hundred booths, talked to as many people. By the time I left and took a shuttle back to the hotel, I was beat.

I got off the shuttle, and decided to pick up a skin magazine at a hotel shop. I skimmed the titles, and picked up a Club International — one of my favorites, as they frequently have hardcore pictures, plus the typical softcore stuff. Flipping through I got a glance of a gorgeous brunette shoving a toy up her back side — that's my kind of pictorial! I took the magazine and picked up another six-pack lots cheaper in the store than via room service , and walked up to the cashier.

I was waiting for the guy in front of me to pay when it happened. Ginger Pacer is a cute brunette gal who works as a warehouse supervisor at my company. I hadn't a clue what she was doing at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. I'm on vacation this week, and I'm flying to Cincinnati tomorrow to visit my mother. My friend Sally was coming with me, so we decided to play for a day in Las Vegas, but her son fell and broke several ribs last week, so she had to stay home.

So I've had a day to myself in Sin City. She works in a warehouse with a bunch of pretty crude delivery truck drivers, and takes their language and dirty jokes and occasional dirty magazine in stride. Not that she doesn't invite some of it, with her frequently wearing tight jeans and showing some mighty attractive cleavage. I've always figured she liked the attention, and I am sure she is perfectly capable of putting any guy who gets out of line back in his place. As she saw me reach up to return it, she grabbed my arm and said, "Now, John, I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Buy your magazine, and then, if you buy me a drink in the bar, I won't tell anyone at work! I pretty much played the idiot, mouth hanging open, watching her. She came back, handed the brown-paper bag to me, and said "All right, now you owe me a couple of drinks. This hotel is so large something like five thousand rooms that there are numerous restaurants, bars, and night clubs inside, and you really never have to leave.

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We picked a bar that was not quite as loud as the others, found a table, and sat down. In moments a waitress wearing very skimpy clothing was there to take our order.

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I checked her out while Ginger ordered her Jack Daniels straight up. I ordered a Guinness Stout. Any booze is better than no booze.