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Award-winning South African actor John Kani also stars in the film. He describes it as a colonial-era tale from an African point of view. The film is directed by Stephen Hopkins from a screenplay by William Goldman.

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And it was such an extraordinary screenplay that William Goldman wrote. And then Val's interest, I think he should probably talk about it, it's his seventh visit to South Africa - and to talk a little bit about this particular project it has nothing to do with the kind that I've done before or what I've been involved with in production. This is a real period piece. The adventurers were immortalized in a book by Patterson. American President Theodore Roosevelt claimed Patterson's work was "the most thrilling book of true stories ever written.

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Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions. Number of permitted concurrent streams will vary based on the terms of your subscription. It is also notable for featuring multiple British firearms, some of which almost never appear in American productions such as the Lee-Speed Sporter rifle used by Patterson Val Kilmer , a Howdah Pistol and a Farquharson Rifle. The movie was filmed in South Africa in The following weapons were used in the film The Ghost and the Darkness :.


It appears to have a 26" barrel and is probably chambered for. The Lee-Speed was popular with British officers and other hunters who wanted a fine rifle but couldn't afford the expensive double barrel rifles made by Purdy and others. The Lee-Speeds were also popular because they fired the British service round and had the same action as the Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle. In the primitive conditions of Africa in the late 19th and early 20th century, the British Army was often a source of supply for hunters and colonists, which would have included spare parts and ammo.

There were not many Cabelas sitting around on the grasslands of Kenya. A popular design in the late 19th century with British hunters.

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The Farquharson Rifle design is still in use. Most notably the Ruger No. Though it is unknown which company or gunsmith manufactured the double barreled rifle used by Remington Michael Douglas and later Patterson Val Kilmer it appears to be a hammerless model. It would likely be in 3. Used by different characters in the movie. Historically accurate.

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By the British Army was using the Lee - Enfield bolt action rifle in. The Martini-Henry Mk. III was a black powder rifle and was classified as obsolete. It was available on the surplus gun market and it would have been cheap and plentiful. It fired a powerful round.