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Wikipedia: map se also Xeno-canto below. Birdlife ecology.

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Montagu's Harrier Circus pygargus. Appearance: Elegant harrier, with slender wings and 4 "fingers". Sound: Quite similar to Hen Harrier. Facts: Length cm :.

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Wingspan cm :. It hunts by flying low and slowly. The bird quarters an area in straight lines upwind. When the prey is detected, it drops onto it and catches it with the talons. Some roosts may gather numerous birds. However, it can be a solitary nester, but they sometimes form loose colonies of about ten pairs. When they arrive at the breeding grounds, the pairs form within the territory.

These raptors usually return to the same site every year and mate again together.

The male may be polygamous, with two females and later, with two broods. The courtship displays start as soon as they return to the territory. Both mates circle together high in the air, and they roll and tumble together with held legs and outstretched talons.

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The male may also pass food to the female and she may do the same. The flight displays of this species are elaborate and spectacular, due to their agility in flight. In direct soaring, the wings are less raised. It makes powerful wingbeats and flies easily. The hunting soaring-flight is slow, interspersed with soft wingbeats. This bird has very graceful flight.

Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus)

The nest is mainly built by the female, in dense tall vegetation, usually in fields, grasslands, reedbeds and other types of bushy areas. This is a small, shallow platform made with grass stems and twigs. The female lays eggs, and incubates during about days. The chicks are fed by both parents. Sharp "ke-ke-ke-ke", and various high-pitched whistling sounds. Call: Error loading Flash for sound! See sound file. Wikipedia: map se also Xeno-canto below. Birdlife ecology. Image search Flickr NB!

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May give other species. Sound search at Xeno-canto. In all plumages: Glides with wings raised in shallow V.

New chicks raise hope for hen harrier survival … but shooters take aim

Shows 5 primaries. This makes the wing tip broader than in Pallid- and Montague's Harriers, and the wings seems shorter. Note that moulting individuals may show only 4 primaries. Male; grey with black primaries, white rump and underparts, and broad black trailing edge to underwing. Note that subadult males may show partly black primaries like Pallid.

Female; brown with white rump, barred tail and streaked underparts. Mostly heard at breeding ground. Calls with quite soft series of "ke-ke-ke-ke". Also a wailing, squealing whistle, with emphasized first syllable. Contact call: Error loading Flash for sound!