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Tommy and Wes spied on the battle. The Rangers demand Silver Ranger to reveal himself.

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He then removes his helmet. The sixth ranger told them that his name is Orion. Orion says he is from the planet Andresia, a planet not unlike Earth. Orion then tells his story. The Rangers give Orion their condolences.

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As they enter the Command Center, Tensou gets excited to meet the new Ranger and reveals that he is fluent in Andresian, Orion's native tongue. Gosei welcomes Orion to the team. Orion even told Gosei his story. Leaving the Command Center to show Orion life on Earth, Gia and Emma take an instant liking to Orion and run off with him, making Jake jealous of him getting Gia's attention and disappointing Noah because he wanted to hang out with him.

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TJ and Leo continued to spy. Attacking a construction site, Osogain sends powered up X-Borgs and Bruisers against the now six-man team. Proving himself a valuable ally, Orion backs up his fellow Rangers before they morph into the Samurai Rangers and finishing off the remaining Bruisers. Summoning his Zord from the future and requesting to finish Osogain himself, Orion engages Osogain in a Megazord battle, using the Quantum Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, and White Dino Ranger keys to transform his Zord into different forms, and destroying Osogain once and for all.

TJ and Cassie watched the battle. Emma and Gia arrive and find Orion coming down the stairs. Orion passes them and goes to Ernie's Brain Freeze and helps Ernie. Meanwhile Tensou is working on something. They take him to the Command Center where the other Rangers give him a gold belt.

Meanwhile Skeltox steals the energy of a man on a bike and of a boy on his computer.

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  • Leo, Damon and Karone spied on the rangers. Leo said "We better hide from that monster before he steals our energy just like one thing that happened to me a long time ago at Terra Venture Park last Orion and Jake get there first and find a lady's energy gone, and they come across XBorgs. They defeat the Xborgs and the other 4 arrive they morph and battle more Xborgs. They defeat more Xborgs.

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    Orion asks Gosei to help him Gosei says he doesn't have to choose and makes them together. He then retreats. Jake and Orion take the four to the Command Center. Jake is blaming himself of getting in the way, while Orion says it's not his fault. Jake says he has to bring them back and leaves. Orion says it's not His fault, but Jake says it is. Orion then says it's not. Then they get a call. Tommy, Damon and Mike decided spy on Jake and Orion.

    Mike said "I even got jealous of someone a long time ago when I think that someone might go with Emily. Jake is blaming himself for his jealousy.

    They go out to battle Skeltox, who has returned. Vekar is mad and Levira makes Skeltox big with her maximizer. Skeltox then is shot by the other four Rangers who have got their energy back.


    Jake joins them and Orion gets his Megazord they finally destroy Skeltox. Desolar uses his staff to steal human's happiness. Carter and Dana decided to spy on the Mega Rangers. Tommy, Carter and Dana decided to spy on them. Lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth, the Rangers discover they've been trapped in the alternate dimension by Professor Cog, who attacks Earth in their absence. Wes said "I also heard something!

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    I we don't defeat the Armada on time, the whole future will die! The Rangers Return to their dimension and the Legendary Rangers then hide their identities. On the sky ship, the Rangers are enjoying their time when the ship is blasted at by several XBorgs and Bruisers. Noah fights Argus alone, while the other Rangers easily defeat the others. As the last set of XBorgs are defeated, the Rangers try to assist Noah until the Royal Guards show up, who almost overpower the Rangers, but Orion tells the others that he'll hold them off.

    Tommy, Mike and Emily decided to spy on the Mega Rangers.

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    Also like Jayden and Mia or Troy and Emma. Tommy said "Troy could have Red with envy if he is cheated by someone else. It might be possible. In the warehouse, Argus easily overpowers Noah, and when the other Rangers arrive, Vekar appears and congratulates Argus for his loyalty. He then shows off his Megazord, which shocks all the Rangers.

    The Mega Rangers then defeated Prince Vekar. Leo, Carter and Wes watched their battle. Vrak returns with a new plan to destroy Earth with giant drills. He programmed Robo Knight to fight against the Rangers. Vrak then is also planning to capture Orion's life force. Troy fights Robo Knight, who was under the influence of Vrak, he has become their enemy. Troy said "That's why I'll never give up on you. Your mission is to protect the Earth!

    Not destroy it! Robo Knight the turned to the good side and said "Red Ranger, your voice pierced the darkness that have engulfed me. You brought me back to the light. Thank you. Later, the Rangers then defeat Vrak and the giant drills disappeared. Robo Knight sacrificed himself to save Orion. Presumed Robo Knight is scrapped, but not dead because he's a robot and he isn't a living thing. The Rangers then reunited with Orion.

    Carter said "I'm going to hire a mechanic to fix Robo Knight to fight in a possible final battle. Aurico washed the Ranger's clothes for 24 Hours. Aurico was so tired of washing their clothes. Emperor Mavro comes to Earth, with his personal fleet, to avenge his son's death. Damaras said to Troy "Red Ranger, you will pay dearly for the demise of the prince and the destruction you have brought on my army!

    The Legendary Rangers then spied on the Mega Rangers back at the command center and used their invisible powers. Damaras then spoke on the Television and said "Earthlings, listen closely, the fate of your world depends on it, we have your Red Ranger, your most revered fighter, the protector of the Earth, you have 1 hour to surrender your planet to the Armada or the Red Ranger is history!

    Wes said "It's just like we care of each other just like Jen cared about me and also Emma cares about Troy. Jake and Tensou are going to Rescue Troy. Troy was then rescued and the rangers defeated Damaras. Mia said "Jayden was worried about Troy, he thought that he would be gone but thanks to Jake and Tensou. Orion said that it was the best rock group he ever seen. After the concert the Mega Rangers then went back home and also the Legendary Rangers went back to the hotel and talked about if the whole Armada is already defeated.

    Orion believes that Earth is now completely safe, and decides to return to his home planet Andresia. Ernie and the Megaforce Rangers even the Legendary Rangers are sad to see Orion go, and gives him a bag of mementos.