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Voyage to India

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Vascoda Gama is a portugese explorer. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. A few years later, in , da Gama was appointed to command a ship by King Manuel.

Although da Gama was an inexperienced explorer, he was appointed to lead the expedition to discover a sailing route to India. For the expedition, da Gama turned to Dias to help him plan and organize the trip.

Vasco da Gama - Wikipedia

His fleet consisted of two new ships that were built specifically for the expedition and two refurbished ships that were equipped with better cannons than the new ones. Along with the experienced navigators, he looked for men that were tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of life at sea. On July 8, , da Gama set sail from Lisbon to Asia. He was accompanied by Dias who served as pilot to the Canary Islands.

After spending the next days at Cape Verde resting and preparing for the next stage of their trip, the crew set sail again on August 3; Da Gama and his crew would not see land for the next three months. The expedition made several stops along the eastern coast of Africa to trade the goods in their possession for fruits and vegetables. On March 2, , Da Gama and his crew arrived at what is known as Mozambique; they stationed themselves there for several months to allow the crew time to recover from the scurvy they had contracted and to repair their vessels.

With the help of a local Muslin pilot, he then departed across the Indian Ocean and reached Calicut on May Da Gama was initially received with the usual hospitality, and he traded goods with their host, but sadly their goods were not appreciated. The goods that da Gama and his crew brought did not sell.

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Despite not having secured a trade agreement, he was able to secure a large shipment of spices before leaving. On his return voyage back to Portugal, da Gama encountered extensive hardship. On his arrival back to Lisbon, on September 9, , da Gama received wealth and titles. His second voyage was that of a military expedition that was commissioned by the King of Portugal to demonstrate Portuguese power.

On his second voyage, he encountered conflicts with Arab merchants.

Vasco da Gama Biography

He assaulted and demanded praise from the Arab-controlled port of Kilwa. He also used threats and violence against the local rulers to force them to submit to the Portuguese authority. On his return to Portugal, he was made Count of Vidigueira, and was awarded feudal rights and jurisdiction over Vidigueria and Vila dos Frades.

Portugal now had forts and settlements in India, and da Gama was sent to replace the inadequate Eduardo de Menezes as viceroy of the Portuguese properties. However, soon after arriving da Gama contracted malaria and died.

Vasco Da Gama (Great Explorers)

His voyages opened maritime trade between Asia and Europe. It relied on trade to help it become a strong country. The spice trade was very lucrative and helped make Portugal one of the most important trade and naval powers in the Indian Ocean.

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  8. Finally, the voyages opened a direct route from Asia to Portugal, which had a huge impact considering that travel prior to the voyages was very dangerous. It was great to learn more about one of the greatest explorers, Vasco De Gama. I only knew a small amount about him from history classes that I took in high school and middle school. It was interesting to learn about his origin and how he took up the task of exploring unknown sea passages. Da Gama and his crew spent six months at sea, enduring illness and starvation. Upon landing, da Gama pretended to be Muslim and began asking suspicious questions about the Arabian Sea and the eastern coast of Africa.

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    When it was discovered that he was Portuguese and not Muslim, he and his crew were chased back out to sea. Muslim traders placed a bounty on de Gama, his crew, and his ship, because they had lied about being Muslim, and they were in Arab territory without permission. Da Gama and his men landed in Mombasa.

    The sheik acted friendly, but the Portuguese discovered a plot against them and fled once again. At their next landing, the sheik allied with the Portuguese, giving them pilots to guide them to Calicut. In Calicut, de Gama presented the ruler with gifts, but the ruler was insulted by them, feeling that they were lowly and unsuitable.