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Flickr - qayaq. In it was reported that a man was attacked by an unknown creature in the wilderness about 18 miles down the Yukon from the town of Ruby. He later died of internal injuries and the creature that attacked him presumably Bigfoot was said to be run off by his dog team. Flickr - Emma Forsberg. In near the town of Kaluka, a group of ladies was berry picking when they reportedly came upon a large manlike creature with long hair running down his back.

They later went on to capture this creature, cage it and feed it. It later died and the story was documented in a letter from the cage-keeper. Flickr - Linc Spaulding. In , a man was sitting on the beach when he reportedly saw a massive 7-foot-tall creature that was hairy and rummaging through the woods. Flickr - Bureau of Land Management. The year was when a man reported shooting an abundantly large, hairy manlike creature that was not human, while out moose hunting. In the 's there were multiple sightings of a huge Bigfoot type creature rummaging in the woods near the tiny village.

The creature was quick on his feet each time and didn't allow himself to be seen for too much time. In many people in the village reported seeing an ominous creature passing swiftly through the night. Flickr - Charles Pluta. This southeast town holds some pretty wild tales of the past.

In , about 50 miles southwest of Ketchikan a man that was out fishing reported seeing an 8-foot-tall creature that was around pounds and walked on two feet like an ape. There was also a young boy that reported a similar sighting nearby in and reacted to the encounter by screaming and running off as fast as possible. Flickr - th Medical Command Deployment Support.


In a local man died in this area after unsuccessfully trying to fight off a massive creature that he described as standing on two feet and being human-like. The year was when a man near Dall Creek found large manlike tracks near his mining camp. One day he approached the creature and shot it. Afterward, he described it as being like a huge manlike bear that was enormous in size and walked on two feet. Flickr - Travis. In the s, locals were shocked when a Bigfoot creature killed one of the locals by tearing him to complete shreds.

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Why Do So Many People Still Want to Believe in Bigfoot?

Mar 18, Aldra rated it did not like it. Posted this review on my blog, but had to toss it up here as well, because I am baffled at the good reviews this beast received. From the blog From what I can gather, Cobb didn't actually write the book although she claims to have done so on her blog.

Sasser used her journals and interviews with Cobb to write the novel. Cobb has a blog where she does some complaining about th Posted this review on my blog, but had to toss it up here as well, because I am baffled at the good reviews this beast received. Cobb has a blog where she does some complaining about things she would have done differently had her publishers allowed her.

However, she doesn't ever say "This book makes me out to be a cripplingly insecure, paranoid, mind-bogglingly hypocritical, misogynist moron who has a distinctly difficult time telling the truth. Were I Norma Cobb, there is no way in hell I would have allowed my name to be attached to this book, which leads me to believe that she either a desperately needed the money or b is really as awful as she is portrayed in the book.

Unfortunately, after a bit of poking around on the 'net, I suspect it is the latter. If you're looking for a "how-to" on homesteading, "Arctic Homestead" ain't it. It's written as more of an adventure tale, highlighting how the Cobb clan came to Alaska and managed to build a homestead near the Arctic circle. Norma Cobb is technically the last woman to have staked a claim via the Homestead Act, although her claim was backdated due to her husband's poor choice of land initially, so we never know who the real "last woman pioneer" might genuinely be.

Her husband's poor choices are a theme throughout the book, although Cobb and Sasser do quite an interesting mix of passive-aggressive insulting and hero worshiping of Lester Cobb, Norma's husband. The authors never state the obvious--Lester was a child 21 years-old when he came to the bush and his decisions reflect that of a grossly immature, ill-informed adult infant with an extra helping of bravado. It's amazing the dude didn't kill his family or himself.

John Mionczynski: A biologist revered and ridiculed | WyoFile

What the book doesn't mention: They eventually divorced, Lester is now deceased and Norma lives in AZ. The adventure tale goes a bit like this: Lots of near-death misses with guns and snow and bears, heaps of struggle Cobb rails against "sissies" in the lower 48 taking handouts and being victims, fully ignoring the hypocrisy of her constant sense of victimization by others. Apparently, Alaska is filled with brutish douchebags who will take advantage of you at every turn , mostly due to poor planning and bad choices.

Of course, she never attributes it to their idiocy. It's always someone else's fault or the harshness of the conditions.

The irony is overwhelming. There are several tales of bears nearly killing folks, always shot down so close that their claws hit her husband's boots as the creature falls. Once, sure. But over and over again? It reads like it was written in hopes that someone would option it for a film.

The Men Who Dream of Bigfoot

Cobb is alarmingly insecure. She or Sasser refers to most other women she encounters as unattractive and is disparaging of anyone who has more education than her high school educated self. Her digs at other women are Her parenting is a little disturbing as well, despite the fact that she sings her own praises. She passive-aggressively insults her husband's children frequently the Cobbs were a blended family. Her husband with two daughters and she with three sons.

Just one of many instances of hypocrisy-r-us. After reading one too many near-death misses and yet another tale of some jackass screwing them over, I decided to do a bit of poking around on the 'net.

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One story particularly disturbed me. She tells of a hired hand who wintered over when the Cobbs had to leave the homestead. She barely mentions him, yet tells a horrid, yet brief, tale in which he is incapable of handling the dark, long winter and goes mad. In his delirium, all of the Cobb's sledding dogs die from neglect.

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It's an awful story. The problem?

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